Eagerly awaiting the Quinny Zapp Xtra!

Well it has been a whirl wind of a time lately. In short I have sold a house, been homeless, bought a house, become a quinnycaster, lost internet access, using a temperamental dongle, had health scare, with son, and daughter has cut more teeth and is also now crawling. For some people this would have happened over some time but for me it all came at once.

I cannot go any further until I tell you about my new home. Ok so I am bragging slightly, I cant help it, I have come from a two up two down mid terrace and have landed in a four bedroom semi with 200 feet of garden and so much room to swing more cats than I could possibly count, or in fact have the strength to swing. I’m sure your’ll catch some pictures of it as the blogging continues.

Harrison has been unwell and in hospital. He is fine now but still fighting with me three times a day when it comes to taking the antibiotics. I use a syringe and have lost count of the times that I have squirted the creamy goo across his cheeks as he pulls away in disgust. Oh and not to forget the times I have had to wipe the aforementioned goo from his chin as he gleefully opens his mouth and lets it dribble out. Sadly he now thinks it is a game and has hysterical laughter as his dad and I try every which way and how to get him to take his meds. Just yesterday he ran almost the full length of the garden in his pyjamas while I gingerly tried to catch him in my aptly named slippers. I caught him and ended up with one slipper left at the end of the garden, him tucked under one arm in fits of giggles and half a syringe of goo up my other arm. It is the last time I suggest a breakfast in the garden when the husband is blissfully unaware at work.

Layla is crawling now and I have decided to get her a collar with a bell. Imagine the scene me washing up or ironing or some other boring task and from nowhere the ankle grabber attaches herself to the bottom of my legs leaving me unable to manoeuvre or even turn to lift her up. I am positive Harrison spent more time getting away from me when he learnt to crawl, or maybe that was just wishful thinking?

Since moving in to our new home just over a week ago, my lovely hound has painted her white fur in fox droppings exactly three times. If it happens again she is living in the garden. After the second time it happened I have taken on the duty of doo doo hunting every morning. This clearly has not worked as I refuse point blank to get behind the bushes to hunt out the nasty and that is exactly where she found some this afternoon. I hosed her and shampooed her in the garden and she avoided me until her dinner time. Will she ever get it? If she didn’t roll in undesirables she wouldn’t need a wash!

I had some really good news last week; I have been chosen to become a Quinnycaster. I get to road test the new Quinny Zapp Xtra and tell everyone all about it. It will hopefully be here by the end of the week and I’ll give you every detail of its arrival, I cannot wait. I have opted for Rebel Red and photos will follow.

Oh and while I am here I have to tell you about http://www.pushchairtrader.co.uk an absolute must if you are looking to buy or sell a pushchair!!


About donnalovegrove

Married mum of two, Harrison and Layla. Love cooking and spending time with my children.
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