Harrison and Layla, the guinea pigs…

Firstly I have to announce to the world I have heard the funniest thing today; My friend, I’ll call her J, has had a rather embarrassing moment and she shared it with us on http://www.bizziebaby.co.uk/forum/ today and I cannot stop laughing. Basically she greeted a delivery driver, who had come to deliver a parcel, with more than he had bargained for. Put it this way I think I’d be checking my top half was well hidden before opening the door in future. Oh bless you, J, you have really made my day! Can I ask? Was he looking at your face when you were signing for the parcel?

I gave Harrison his lunch earlier and I really have to admire his insistence on not eating crusts. Before I say anything I have tried to peel the skin off the apple before giving him the slices and still he insists on leaving what he believes to be a crust. Even sandwiches with  the crusts cut off are strategically eaten so he can leave the non existent “crust”.  I wonder what would happen if I gave him just the crusts? Would he refuse to eat them, go on a protest or, as I suspect, eat the crusts daintily enough so as to still leave a “crust”? I think I may have to book this experiment in sometime this week.

Hmmm, what experiment shall I do with Layla. I really don’t want to leave her out, she may get a complex and be scarred for the rest of her life and end up in a relationship with a 50 something year old woman, when she is just 18, all because she feels her own mother neglected her at 4mths old. You hear of these stories; “I’m a cross dressing, nymphomaniac, kleptomaniac because my mother didn’t buy me a barbie doll when I was 7 years old.”  I must stop reading these woman’s magazines, they cannot be healthy.  Actually, to save me a lot of time and worry, do you know of any laboratories that are looking for human guinea pigs? I do not want paying, I just don’t think it will be wise to leave Layla out of doing her own experiment, I’m only thinking of her future.

I guess while I have a quiet five minutes, what with Harrison napping and Layla playing with a teething ring, I should take the opportunity to have a nice cuppa and watch one of my programmes on the telly. I am getting rather fed up of hearing myself say “If its not on cbeebies, then I haven’t seen it!”


About donnalovegrove

Married mum of two, Harrison and Layla. Love cooking and spending time with my children.
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One Response to Harrison and Layla, the guinea pigs…

  1. bex says:

    Donna i love reading your blogs they are fantastic you have me smiling all the way through thank you xx

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