Hello world!

Hello world? Pah! I don’t think so, hello to a few readers maybe but I very much doubt the whole world will be interested in my mutterings and ramblings, well not yet anyway, maybe sometime in the future when I take over the internet like an epidemic…. hmmm, I think not.

I have no idea what to write, I think I’ve used all my writing reserves on the first paragraph. Oh bother! Errrm. Actually I’m not even sure I had any writing reserves to begin with to waste on any paragraph, let alone the first one. Wow! Look at me! Well on my way to completing another paragraph! This writing stuff is coming to me like you wouldn’t believe, maybe I’m a natural?? Or maybe this paragraph is just a waste of the, erm, the what? The screen? It is most definitely a waste of my time but I have so much to waste right now so it can’t be bad.

Here I am actually writing my blog with my little notebook perched precariously on one knee. I am trying my hardest not to wake my 4 mth old daughter, Layla, who is outstretched across my lap and fidgeting at the tap tap tapping of the keyboard. It has only taken me the last 3 hours to get her to drop off. And by drop off I mean sleep, not as you may think drop off my knee onto the rather harsh looking floor.  She is so adorable; When she is sleeping. The moment those big needy blue eyes open, the mouth follows and then even those on the other side of the world aren’t safe from the ear drum bursting racket most call crying. Oh how fun it is! Everything you do is not what she is needing or wanting and you end up making matters a million times worse. Six hours later she’ll make one last little whine and look contented and sleep for hours, it is like her whole aim in life is to have me running around like a headless chicken and when I am exasperated she has achieved her soul purpose and can now sleep until the next episode. Ok, I’m over exaggerating and it is not her soul purpose, she has many I’m sure, I just have no idea what the others are.

So you gather Layla has been a bit if a nightmare lately, she is teething. I really need a clue to what Harrison’s excuse is for his new found behaviour issues. Does a switch in toddlers’ brains activate the moment they turn 2 or is it something I’ve activated? Well if it activates at 2 does that mean it’ll switch off at 3? I’m not sure he’ll make it to 3 if I haven’t got a guarantee that this switch thingy will turn off. If I’ve activated this monster how do I go back? Someone must know something, or not!


About donnalovegrove

Married mum of two, Harrison and Layla. Love cooking and spending time with my children.
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3 Responses to Hello world!

  1. Diane says:

    Ha Ha Ha…..that made me chuckle Donna!!!

    I’m sorry to tell you though that the switch DOES NOT EVER switch off!!!! lol!!

    Love Di xxxxxxxxx

  2. Kim says:

    A great read Donna, looking forward to the next installments

    Well done Hun, to be honest I think you definetily have a hidden talent xxxx

    • Aww thanks Kim, the next instalment will prob be in the next few days, think its a really great way to vent, maybe tomorrow if the kids are driving me mad LOL xxxx

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